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Make your own 360 faceplate

With macaroni and yoghurt pots.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Those of you eager to strap some personality to your Xbox 360 - but unimpressed by Microsoft's "Hot Rod", "Sun" or even "Woody" faceplates - need no longer idle on eBay hoping to grab one of last year's E3 or X05 offerings, nor camp out behind the sofa and wait for people you like to walk across before shooting them in the back of the head with a nailgun. Thanks to US peripheral people Nyko, now you can make your own faceplates. Providing you're American. Tsk.

Anyway, Nyko's just released something called GameFace 360. For $19.99 (all good stores blah blah), you get a two-piece snap-together clear faceplate with special "skins" you can decorate and then insert into the middle. The package comes with six pre-printed designs and 15 blank templates - and another ten if you show your Blue Peter badge, probably.

At the time of writing Nyko's website was taking a bit of a bashing and proved unresponsive, but apparently there's a piece of GameFace software available there that allows you to create designs that you can then print out. Presumably if you're more of a Pritt-Stick-and-scissors type, you'll be fine providing you scrape the excuse goop off the sides.

All that remains then is to clip it all together and slap it on the front of the 360. Simple really - and a cost effective way to express your inexplicable devotion to the videogame equivalent of a cooking appliance. It's all a bit like that Rustler's advert. Any takers for our Outfit faceplate? No?

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