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Danny Elfman pens Fable theme

The Liiiiion-heeeeeads...

Danny Elfman, a man who needs little introduction, has composed the theme tune for Big Blue Box and Lionhead's ambitious Xbox RPG Fable, the UK developers announced yesterday.

It is reportedly Elfman's first foray into the world of videogame soundtracks, but by the sound of it he wasn't about to do anything by halves, handpicking his own orchestra and recording team to produce a theme tune in full 5.1 surround sound.

Three-time Oscar nominee and composer of the inimitable Simpsons intro (as well as Batman, Spider-Man and some other less important stuff), Elfman attaches yet more weight to an already weighty project that aims to chart a character's life story and all the experience along the way, encompassing childhood, marriage, offspring, adventuring and everything in-between.

Earlier this month a Lionhead community spokesperson revealed that Fable's current release estimate is "somewhere this year", despite persistent rumours swirling around our ankles that the project is in some degree of trouble. If Fable is to make it out in 2004, we can expect to see plenty of it at E3 in three months' time.