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Second Sight due on PC this November

Makes sense.

Second Sight, the psychic shoot-'em-up from Free Radical Design which bothered the top end of the chart earlier this year when it was released on PS2, Xbox and GameCube, will be released on the PC in late November.

Publisher Codemasters announced the port today and released a handful of screenshots revealing a slightly sharper slant on Free Radical's distinctive game engine - but otherwise the port seems to be directly in line with the console versions.

This will of course be Free Radical's first foray in PC land, and it'll be interesting to see how the game fares against the various third and first-person shooters that dominate the average PC owner's games shelf.

For those who didn't play it on consoles, Second Sight sees amnesiac John Vattic struggling to come to terms with his psychic abilities in some sort of military lab, as he literally relieves past sections of his life in playable flashbacks that change the course of events in the present.

It was an intriguing concept before we played it, and we were suitably impressed by the execution - and some nice ideas from Free Radical including a third-person sniper scope system that, like its celebrated take on analogue FPS controls, arguably ought to become some sort of standard.

Second Sight is due out on PC in late November, and you can find some screenshots here. You can read our review of the console version by heading here.

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