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NZ Story confirmed for DS

It's out later this year.

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Just a few weeks ago, we brought you news of a rumour that a DS version of classic platformer New Zealand Story is in development.

Rising Star Games declined to confirm or deny back then - but now they've officially announced that the game is on the way, and will be released in late 2006.

Just like the 1988 original, the new version of NZS will see you playing as little yellow birdie Tiki the Kiwi. All of Tiki's friends have been kidnapped by a dastardly sea lion, and it's your job to run around rescuing them.

According to Rising Star, "The setting for each of the game's levels will remain untouched," pleasingly, "Although the layouts will be remixed and re-jigged to provide fresh challenges."

Naturally, you can expect a graphical overhaul - but one that will "update New Zealand Story's visuals whilst retaining the clean lines of its arcade ancestor." Marvellous.

"With New Zealand Story Revolution, we're not going to be taking away anything that made the original such a charming classic," promised Rising Star exec Martin Defries.

"Its delicate balance will be carefully recreated and with the new features we've included, New Zealand Story Revolution will be an even more manic platform adventure than the original."

We'll be bringing you a proper preview of the game awfully soon.

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