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New Zealand Story DS coming?

Could be here in the autumn.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A little yellow birdie with blue trainers and a red beak has told Eurogamer that a DS version of New Zealand Story is heading to Europe this autumn.

Apparently it's being brought to us by Rising Star Games, who are also responsible for Rainbow Islands Revolution and Bubble Bobble Evolution.

The birdie didn't reveal any details of how the gameplay will work, or whether you'll have to use the DS's stylus to guide our old friend Tiki the Kiwi round New Zealand as he fights to rescue his friends from flying teddy bears, hungry sealions, big pink whales and the like.

But we're excited anyway - because, let's face it, New Zealand Story is officially the best old days game EVER.

We contacted Rising Star to confirm the rumour, and unfortunately all they would say - in a very nice tone, mind you - was: "We're terribly sorry, but we don't comment on rumours."

That's not quite a denial, though, is it... So here's hoping the birdie's right. All together now: "Bididididip-deow-neow-neow-neow-neow, bididip, bididip, bididip; bididididip-deow-neow-neow-neow-neow, bididip, bididip, bididip; binky-bonky bungbungbungbung, binky-bonky bingbingbingbing, bonky-bonky-bonky-binky (bong) bing-bong-bing-bonk..."

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