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New ParaWorld details

Seems it's been delayed again.

New details have been revealed of PC real-time strategy title ParaWorld - including news that it won't be arriving till the autumn now.

ParaWorld is set in a parallel world (do you see?) between prehistoric times and the 19th century. It follows the adventures of mathematician Jarvis Babbit, who's discovered some kind of crazy dimension gate which leads him to ParaWorld. He convinces three of his pals - geologist Anthony Cole, biologist Stina Holmlund and physics expert Bela Andras Benedek - to follow him there, but then sneakily leaves them to face off with all sorts of dinosaurs and tribal warriors on their own.

You can play as three different tribes - the Norsemen, the Dustriders and the Dragon Clan. Towards the end of the game, you'll need to pick your tribe carefully depending on the challenges you're facing. If you muck it up, you can pick a different tribe and try again.

You'll get to use an "unprecedented unit management user interface" called the Army Controller, which allows you to see and select units at a glance, basically

There are nine playable heroes who can do useful stuff like constructing unique buildings and use special items. You can control up to 52 units, each with their own finishing moves, divided into three categories - human, machine and animal. Along with combat units, you'll get support in the form of workers and transporters.

There are 16 prehistoric scenarios, set across five climatic zones - Northland, Jungle, Savannah, Icewaste and Ashvalley. Each features plenty of side quests, which apparently makes for some healthy replay value.

LAN and online multiplayer modes include Defender (protect your base) and Domination (capture the flag) plus old favourite Team Deathmatch, and up to eight players can take part.

ParaWorld was delayed back in February to allow for "a thorough six month quality assurance process", and was down for an August release. But the latest word is it's now out in the "fall". They must really want to assure that quality.