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Carmack up for mobile MMO

And Orcs and Elves sequel.

Doom creator John Carmack just can't get enough of this whole mobile gaming thing, it seems. Not content with producing two mobile titles - Doom RPG and new IP Orcs and Elves - he's now been talking about doing an MMO.

In an interview with CNN Money, Carmack said: "We're probably going to have a sequel to Orcs and Elves but I'm really into the idea of a massively multiplayer cell phone title.

"I have absolutely no interest in going and competing with Blizzard in the high end of that market, but a cell phone version might be interesting."

Carmack reckons mobile games are wicked because they cost much less to develop than console titles - therefore there's less risk involved for publishers and developers, and more opportunities to produce original games.

"My sneaky little plan is we might be able to graduate a franchise from cell phones to one of the big platforms," Carmack said.

"It sucks to risk $20 million on a new title these days. The industry sees maybe one truly new game per year. And we're as guilty of this at id [Software]... The industry likes that reliability and the consumer knows what they like."

Look out for an exclusive Eurogamer interview with John Carmack in the coming days.