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C&C3 announcement soon?

On the cover of a magazine.

Various places are reporting that the cover of next month's US PC Gamer magazine heralds the return of Command & Conquer - with a whopping preview apparently inside.

Although nobody from the US mag's publishers has come out and said as much, most reckon it to be genuine - particularly as the same mag teased about the return of a big real-time strategy series in its last issue.

The cover declares Command & Conquer 3 then, and carries the strap "New race, new story, new war!"

EA, which owns the whole C&C shebang, hasn't said anything about this yet of course, but with the magazine due on shelves soon and E3 just around the corner the timing would make perfect sense.

Even apart from E3, it would make sense since EA's recent C&C: The First Decade release did a good job of clearing the decks for future instalments. Well, a reasonable job, anyway. The last C&C game prior to that was C&C Generals expansion Zero Hour.

Then again, there are some pretty talented Photoshop folks out there - only the other day somebody put my head on Marlon Brando and I couldn't tell the difference. And that's early-days Marlon Brando you horrible person who hates me.

More on C&C3 as and when and if!