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C&C3 documentary on Live

Behind the cinematic curtain.

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A 20-minute documentary of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace.

It takes us behind the scenes to see how the full-motion-video (FMV!) cinematics were made, and features exclusive interviews with the star-packed cast, including Lando from Star Wars, Michael "Sam Fisher" Ironside and even Sawyer from Lost.

There's also some chin-wags with the cinematographers and the costume designers that made futuristic war come to life in your living room. Apparently.

The game is due out on Xbox 360 on 11th May. Both single-player and multiplayer demos are available on Live now.

Tiberium Wars was released earlier in the year for PC. We found it to be both solid and enjoyable, and clapped our hands appreciatively. Head over to our Command & Conquer 3 review to find out why.

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