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CS: Source gets its own Militia

With an HDR beard.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

So like, remember that news item we did a little while ago about how Steam was going to have like an update and like that update was going to be for Counter-Strike: Source and that like it would have like cs_militia in it with High Dynamic Range lighting? Well it's happened now, and for some reason I've turned into my sister's friend Stacy.

Oh, I'm back now. Anyway, the update is available through Steam and also fixes a number of bugs. The number being six, and there being five other things which don't sound particularly like bugs. For example, "Hostages can open doors and step up onto ledges/stairs now." They couldn't do that before? No wonder everyone's a terrorist.

Anywho, the addition of Militia is good news for old-time CS fans like myself, because it's one of the outright classics - maybe not as perfectly poised as Dust or Assault can be, but incredibly popular, largely because of sniping and sneaking around the house searching for that last elusive terrorist, who's probably hiding in the dark of the garage muttering about how stupid you are into Roger Wilco or whatever the dickens people use these days.

Want it? Log into Steam and you should receive the update automatically.

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