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WRC 4 in development


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Cheshire-based Evolution Studios has confirmed that World Rally Championship 4 (WRC 4) is in development and should be released in autumn 2004. Speaking on the developer's website, designer Si Barlow broke the news in a New Year's update.

"After the successful launch of WRC 3, you'd expect work to have slowed down here at Evos. Not so' in fact, work has moved up a gear recently as the team starts getting their teeth into WRC 4," he said in an update just over a week ago.

Furthermore, Evolution Studios' profile page reveals that WRC 4 is due to ship in autumn 2004, in keeping with the PS2-exclusive series' 12-month development cycle. Oh, and that's autumn 2004 in Europe for certain - so far the WRC series has yet to be localised for the USA.

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