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eBay goes next-gen

It's getting silly already.

Okay, so there's another six months to wait before you can get your hands on Microsoft's next-gen console - but you could own a little bit of it now, thanks to top electronic car boot sale eBay.

Amongst all the Xbox 360-related domain names, email addresses and “how 2 get a 360 1st” info which plucky entrepreneurs have already listed, there's a limited edition console fascia up for sale - and it's going for over a hundred quid, last time we checked.

The fascia is one of only 5,000 specially designed for the Xbox 360 launch, and handed out at E3. Microsoft don't seem to mind that they're already being auctioned, though - “It just shows they're dying to get their hands on the 360,” a representative said. Anyone feeling especially eager, and rich, can bid for it here.

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