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Spider-Man 2 PSP videos, shots

For those of you who want even more Spidey than the free UMD movie in the US Value Pack...

With the PSP set to launch in the US next Thursday, 24th March, Activision has released some promotional vids showing off Spider-Man 2, which will be amongst the launch titles.

Somewhat refreshingly, the videos are purely gameplay clips, slowing off Spidey swinging around acrobatically and generally protecting the innocent around the streets of New York. You can download them in one big zipfile from Eurofiles here. And we recommend you do; it's looking very much like its well-received proper-console brethren.

We also have six new screenshots to accompany the vids, which you can find here.

Of course, potential PSP owners will also be able to get Spider-Man 2 on their handhelds in another way. The first million Value Packs sold in the US will include a bundled copy of the actual film on UMD.

Sony has yet to clarify whether a similar promotion is being lined up for Europe, but recently admitted that the handheld itself was still several months away from release in our neck of the woods.

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