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Soup up your current-gen Xbox

By giving it four new hard drives.

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There's not long to go now until the Xbox 360 hits the shops and no doubt replaces its chunkier elder sibling under TVs across the land. But if you're the kind of old-fashioned stick-in-the-mud who fears change and is planning to hold on to their big black box for as long as possible, you might be interested in the X5.

Billed as "The ultimate hard drive expansion kit for your Xbox console," the X5 lets you stick up to four extra hard drives in your Xbox and includes three 40mm fans to keep them cool. In addition, the spacers are made of aluminium in a bid to prevent overheating. The kit doubles the height of your Xbox and comes with a switch so you can chop and change between hard drives easily.

No soldering is required, but you will need a screwdriver and, by the looks of the pictures that come with the installation instructions, a natural talent for this sort of thing.

It's all a bit extreme - or "Xtreme", as they spell it on the website - for our tastes, but if it sounds like the sort of thing you're into you can purchase the X5 for the special introductory price of $179.

Just remember, kids, if you do start messing around with your Xbox's insides and something goes wrong, there's no point phoning Microsoft for a replacement - they'll just laugh in your FACE. It's the law.

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