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PS3 to be homebrew friendly?

Sony bigwig reckons so.

Despite Sony's efforts to crack down on homebrew coding for the PSP, the company will actively encourage individuals to develop playable content for the PlayStation 3.

That's according to Sony bigwig Izumi Kawanishi - in an interview with Japanese website Impress Watch (translated by GameSetWatch), he stated: "Because we have plans for having Linux on board [the PS3], we also recognise Linux programming activities.

"Other than game studios tied to official developer licenses, we'd like to see various individuals participate in content creation for the PS3."

But don't go expecting any help with your work from Sony. According to Kawanishi, "When a game studio enacts development on a PS3 by entering a license contract, SDK libraries... will be presented, and various technical support given.

"In contrast, when using Linux World on the PS3... support will fall to the lowest level required, and you must solve and work on things by yourselves."

There's no word on how it'll all work, though - will you be able to share programs via memory card, for example, or perhaps upload them via Sony's new online service? Looks like we'll just have to wait and see...

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