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Cake Mania coming to PC

Baking sim on the rise.

Ever wanted to work in a bakery? Then you're an idiot, as anyone who once spent a long hot summer in a bakery in Peckham selling doughnuts to patients from the mental institution next door under the watchful eye of a racist boss can testify.

But anyway, here's your chance, since there's a new "bakery sim" for PC under way, and luckily we can't see Peckham, mental patients or racism mentioned anywhere on the press release.

It's called Cake Mania, and sees you taking on the role of Jill, a young girl and a cooking school graduate who discovers that her family's business has gone down the toilet. So, what else is there to do but set up your own bakery from scratch.

You'll need to make all the decisions, earn cash to buy new equipment, keep the customers happy and "best of all, design customised cakes" - all in a world that's full of "interesting locales" and "hilarious characters". Maybe it is set in Peckham after all.

The game's already been a hit online, according to its makers, but the boxed version will feature 36 brand new levels - that's 80 per cent more than in the original game, fact fans - and a brand new environment in which to build your bakery.

Cake Mania is out this autumn.

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