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Civ IV to get new expansion

Warlords due out this summer.

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It seems Sid Meier has found time in his busy schedule of producing games about pirates! and railroads! to develop an expansion pack for PC strategy title Civilization IV.

The expansion, which is called Civilization IV: Warlords, features brand new units, which are called warlords. It'll feature some of history's greatest military leaders in six new scenarios, giving you the chance to change history.

You can take control of an ancient Chinese kingdom, or fight in the Peloponnesian wars. Alternatively you might like to join Alexander the Great as he attempts to conquer Persia, Egypt and India, or become ruler of the vikings and set out pillaging the whole of Europe.

As Genghis Khan, you can try your hand at capturing Asia - or just laying waste to the whole place, obviously. And finally, you can travel back in time to 300 BC and battle for control of the Mediterranean, playing as Rome, Carthage, Greece, Gaul or Egypt.

You can also expect ten new leaders for the six new civilizations and associated units, plus two new leader traits. There will be three new wonders, and lots of new units, resources and improvements.

Civilization IV: Warlords is out this summer - and yes, you'll need the original game to play it. If you haven't already, why not take a look at the new screenshots.

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