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FIFA stars do the ironing

Comedy YouTube mo-cap japes.

Motion capture has been the backbone of animation in sports games like FIFA for years and years, but in and of itself it's incredibly boring - as you'll know if you've ever watched one of those behind-the-scenes videos they stuff around the edges of the disc as an unlockable.

478 games down the road though, someone at Electronic Arts decided to have some fun with it - and the results are a lot more enjoyable than watching Wayne Rooney cocking his leg 58 times in a row while clever men arrange ping pong balls on laptop screens.

Instead we've got Wayne Rooney going a bit mental at a punching bag and popping balloons and David Villa doing some ironing and flying over cities. You'll believe a man can fly/be paid enormous amounts of money to dress up like a surfer and do hopscotch!

The YouTube viral ads also confirm what we've long suspected - that what Brazilians have in footballing talent they lack in comedy skills, as Ronaldinho and Juninho pale next to the comedy stylings of Tabloid Wayne, who - as he often does - really leaves his mark.

Obviously the idea is to slyly encourage you to buy the game by offering a glimpse of the funny side of game development, but we imagine you're all big and clever enough not to get too bogged down in being subverted when instead you can laugh at Brazil's favourite son swinging a golf club worse than my Dad. Enjoy.