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Shield sex shock for Sammy

Point of View's adaptation of Fox's hard-hitting good-cop-bad-cop drama will push the acceptability envelope at E3 next month, says the developer, while talk of a 24 game is hushed.

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US developer Point of View has denied rumours that it has started work on a game based on Kiefer Sutherland juggernaut 24, but has admitted that the Fox product it is beavering away on, The Shield, will cut close to the acceptability bone in every respect.

"We've been told to really push the ERSB ratings by our publisher, Sammy," said Point of View's Rob Sandberg. "The E3 booth is a sex show. The demo's looking awesome. It's going to blow everyone away."

But recent talk of the company working on 24 is misjudged, according to Sandberg. "Maybe there's some confusion because they're both Fox properties," he said.

Rights for highly popular thriller 24 are yet to be snapped up, but have been tipped for some time now as a possible license for making the TV-game transition.

But Point of View - developer of the Slugfest series and most recently Spawn: Armageddon for Namco - shouldn't be worried. The Shield has achieved much notoriety on both sides of the Atlantic for its graphic portrayal or American society's seedy underbelly.

"It's full of sex and violence, put it that way," joked Sandberg.

No details have been released as yet on the game itself, but we'll bring you the first look from LA next month.

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