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Contact coming to Europe

Some time this autumn.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It's official - Contact, the new RPG for Nintendo DS, will be getting a release in Europe this autumn.

Contact sees you playing as Terry, a young man who finds himself tasked with helping a nutty professor find all the lost parts of his spaceship. Naturally, the professor's enemies are trying to get there first, and you can expect lots of sub-quests alongside the main adventure.

Contact will feature "real-time updating of statistics and abilities," not to mention a bit of real-time combat and a lot of item-collecting. On one screen, you'll see Earth environments, complete with lush vegetation and a host of characters to meet. The other screen will display the professor, his lab and his mutant alien pet.

The professor will talk to you as a player directly, even commenting on how Terry's doing. This breaks "the 'fourth wall' of videogames" apparently, and will lead you to question just who the professor is and what his true motives are.

Contact is being developed by Marvelous Interactive together with Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio which brought us schizophrenic shooter Killer 7. It'll be published in Europe by Rising Star Games this autumn.

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