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Six golden tickets to be found in Zelda bundles

Pick up the new Zelda-themed GBA SP/Minish Cap bundle and you could win a gold-plated handheld...

As if getting hold of a brand new Zelda adventure three months ahead of the yanks wasn't enough, Nintendo of Europe has announced it's also planning to give away six strictly limited edition gold-plated Game Boy Advance SP consoles to people who buy its new Zelda-themed handheld and Minish Cap game bundle.

According to the platform holder, six golden tickets have been inserted into random Zelda Limited Edition Paks available at six UK high street retailers - Game, Gamestation, HMV, Virgin, WH Smith and Toys R Us - and anybody who finds one inside their bundle is automatically entitled to a gold-plated handheld.

The Zelda Limited Edition Pak, which launched alongside the Minish Cap game last Friday and costs £89, already includes one limited edition Zelda-themed GBA SP - with gold colouring, a Triforce motif on the exterior and a Hyrulian Royal Family emblem on the inside - along with a copy of Minish Cap.

Strangely Nintendo hasn't included any tickets in the basic game-only package, but then we can kind of see their point; you are after all going to want to have a 'regular' handheld to take outside with you rather than hauling your gold-plated freebie around on the Tube or on a bus.

Nintendo UK Head of Marketing Dawn Paine had this to say about the promotion: "Gold has always been closely associated with The Legend of Zelda franchise from the original Legend of Zelda NES game on a gold coloured cartridge to the mysterious golden Triforce that Link hunts down on his quests. Now Nintendo has gone one to step further to create what must be the ultimate jewel in any Zelda fan’' crown."

So, if you need to get hold of a GBA SP at the moment and quite fancy the new Zelda (we're playing it right now; it's very good), the Zelda Limited Edition Pak might be just the answer.

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