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Football Manager 2005 'Gold demo'

Play the finished game for up to six months on PC or Mac. Large and small versions of each, and a quickstarts pack for other leagues, mirrored on Eurofiles now.

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Sports Interactive has released its much anticipated "Gold demo" of Football Manager 2005 for PC and Mac, and we've mirroring both versions on Eurofiles this afternoon. FM 2005 is due out in Europe on November 5th from SEGA.

The time-limited demo will let you play a feature-complete version of the finished Football Manager game for up to six months, and SI has includes quickstarts for English and Scottish leagues as standard.

The demo is available in two flavours - the vanilla version is English language-only and doesn't include sounds, logos, player facepacks and the like, while a larger 'Strawberry' demo features all of these things and more.

In addition to all that, SI is offering a Quick Starts pack allowing you to play French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Belgian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Greek leagues. All you have to do to make use of it is unzip it to the users quickstarts directory.

You can get hold of the various versions of the Football Manager 2005 demo from the following URLs:

  • fm2005_demo.exe (Vanilla PC version, 43MB)
  • fm2005_demo.dmg (Vanilla Mac version, 59MB)
  • fm2005_demo_alllang_full.exe (Strawberry PC version, 162MB)
  • fm2005_demo_alllang_full.dmg (Strawberry Mac version, 128MB)
  • (Quickstarts for other leagues, 52MB)

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