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Try Guitar Hero II at EIEF

Tickets available free.

Guitar Hero II will make its first public appearance in Europe on August 22nd at the Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival.

It's going all the way to 11, in fact - 11am anyway, when it'll start screening at the Odeon, Lothian Road, for an hour.

There'll be an opportunity to see, hear and even try the new multiplayer modes which split the game between rhythm, lead and bass guitar parts - with two tracks per song - and having had a chance to dabble in this ourselves at E3 we can say that it certainly doesn't dilute the impact of each strain.

If you fancy heading along to the event in Edinburgh, you should bear in mind that tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis by Gamestation stores in Scotland, with a limited allocation available on the day.

For more on EIEF, stay tuned to Eurogamer, as we'll be dispatching some of our number there to keep an eye on things while the rest of us sausage it up at in Leipzig.

And for more on GHII, check out our gamepage for track info, hands-on and the thoughts of the developer. The full game's confirmed for US release this November.