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Splinter Cell movie still on track

DreamWorks to produce.

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DreamWorks is to take over production of the big screen adaptation of Splinter Cell, according to Hollywood news site Variety.

The movie was previously a Paramount Pictures project and has been in development since last winter. Peter Berg, who was originally set to direct, co-wrote the screenplay with J.T. Petty - the man who scripted all three SC games. However, it now seems that Daniel Pyne (screenwriter for the recent Manchurian Candidate remake) will produce a new version.

The film will be produced by Michael Ovitz, Tom Clancy's manager. Ubisoft bigwig Yves Guillemot is down to executive produce alongside Tom himself.

There's no word yet as to who will star as Sam Fisher or when we can expect to see the film in cinemas, but we'll keep you posted.

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