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LA awash with PS3 promos

Could launch this year too?

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

There are quite literally signs in Los Angeles this weekend that Sony plans to unveil PlayStation 3 at its press conference tomorrow prior to E3.

There's also the suggestion that it could launch as soon as this Christmas. Sony's CFO Takao Yuhara was quoted late last week saying that "For the year end sales season, simultaneously building up both the [PSP] as well as the next generation PlayStation is one option that we have."

As you may have seen in photos scattered around the web, billboards and bus posters are trumpeting a message of "Welcome Chang3", with distorted versions of the famous X, square, triangle and circle buttons making for some alien sights.

IGN has some photos here demonstrating the effect.

Sony is widely expected to lead its press conference with an unveiling of the PlayStation 3 and the gossip on the ground here is that it could be touted as much more powerful than Microsoft's rival Xbox 360, which was unveiled on Thursday night.

Sony is also expected to discuss exclusive software deals aimed at derailing the excitement over the Microsoft console.

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