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videoGaiden second series

BBC in good decision shocker.

Good news for Barry Burtons everywhere! BBC Scotland has commissioned a second series of brilliantly Glaswegian games TV series videoGaiden after we all got really excited by the first ones last year.

The second series will be broadcast later in 2006. In, er, Scotland. The first series was also made available to stream through the BBC website though, and there's a good chance the second will be too. "I think it's safe to say they will be doing the webcasts again," said Robert Florence off the show when we emailed him. "Almost certainly."

As for the format, apparently they don't know right now. It might even be longer than the ten minutes they got last time. But the important thing is: it's coming back! Huzzah! They're dancing in the websites!

Which reminds us: episode 2.3 of Consolevania, the show that spawned videoGaiden, went up just a few days ago, and you can download it from the official website. Should act as a nice introduction if you've never tried them or vG out before.