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Formula One 05 unveiled

Sony's next F1 title for PS2 goes online, while the PSP effort is renamed F1 Grand Prix. Screenshots and details inside.

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Sony's announced this year's PlayStation 2 Formula One title and says it will launch alongside the PSP version, which has been renamed F1 Grand Prix. Sony's reluctance to talk about specific PSP dates in Europe means we don't have release estimates for either title, although, as we now know, it'll be at least a few months.

That hasn't stopped Sony telling us about Formula One 05 and its handheld sibling, however, and there's lots of good news for F1 fans. In addition to the expected roster of official drivers, cars and teams and the new Turkey circuit, fans will be able to compete head to head through PS2 Online, with world rankings ladders judging best lap times and average speeds and a buddy list feature for keeping up with your friends.

Other new features of the PS2 title include interactive pit stops and more excitement on the grid, complete with "grid girls" (which isn't the most flattering term we've heard all day), mechanics and journalists (SCUM! SCUUUM!) milling around. On the track, pit crews will also issue reminders about tricky corners and help you correct driving errors, and in the long run you'll be able to unlock historic cars and classic bonus tracks.

You can find screenshots of the PS2 title here.

The PSP's F1 Grand Prix, meanwhile, we've already played and discussed in a recent impressions piece. It's more arcade oriented than its PS2 counterpart, aimed at giving you a quicker burst of gratification - complete with a wireless multiplayer Eliminator mode that kills off one car at the end of each lap. It will take full advantage of the license, mind, right down to letting you download new grid line-ups on race days.

We'll bring you more on both F1 titles as soon as we can. And don't forget there's a real GP this weekend either.

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