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Wii videos show off interface

Mii Channel, weather reports...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Japanese demonstration videos posted on Nintendo's relaunched website offer a few clues as to how things like the "Mii Channel" will function.

There are four videos to start with, and we've mirrored them on Eurogamer TV if you're interested. News, forecast, Mii Channel, menu.

As you'll know if you've been following announcements this morning, the Wii will include a photo channel for viewing digital photos through the console, a regularly updated news and weather channel, the Opera web-browser and a "Mii Channel".

The latter allows you to customise your avatar, evidence of which can be seen in the interface demo videos, and according to Nintendo you'll be able to store these personalised avatars on the Wii remote itself - handy for multiplayer round other people's houses.

Nintendo Wii is set to launch in Japan on December 2nd, with a US launch on November 19th - the latter should be confirmed by Nintendo's US press conference, which will take place at 9AM EST.

A press conference in London tomorrow will confirm Nintendo's plans for Europe, and give us a chance to bring you hands-on impressions of many of the launch titles.

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