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Euro Wii in March 2007?

Says Argos. We'll find out Friday.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Looks like Europe might be losing out yet again - Argos has updated its website with a banner advertising the "March 2007" launch of Nintendo Wii.

You can see the offending graphic at the top of its games section. Reports suggest it used to say "Winter 2006".

There is a slight glimmer of hope in this, however, as it was only last week that Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton claimed that a November 24th date/GBP 149 price report being bandied around for the European launch was "not far off".

Pessimists will of course point out that it wasn't clear whether he was referring to the date or the price.

Nintendo is holding a press conference in London at 12PM BST on Friday to announce its European plans for Wii, having given the console a November 19th US and a December 2nd Japanese date on Thursday.

We'll be out in force, as ever, with live text commentary to keep you up to date on whatever occurs. Watch out for some purple words if things go according to Argos' update.

Update Friday: And now they've changed it back to winter. WE SAW YOU.

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