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Phantom client due in Q1 2007

Lapboard still on for November.

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The popular chaps at Phantom Entertainment have done a deal with software firm VertiCity to convert the Phantom Game Service software to work on Windows XP and Media Center operating systems.

And unfortunately for anybody who might actually be looking forward to the much pilloried download on demand PC game service, that means you won't be able to get your hands on the PC client until the first quarter of 2007.

President and CEO Greg Koler explained: "This move will enable the Company to license the Phantom Game Service technology to well-established manufacturers of PCs and digital home entertainment centers."

"The Company remains committed to its original mission of delivering the first end-to-end, on-demand game service. Our course has been altered to deliver this service to PCs as well as to entertainment centers in the comfort of the living room."

Originally conceived as an all in one console-style PC device for the living room, the Phantom project has been scaled back since its original announcement in 2002 - the final step of switching to Steam-style game-distribution software announced in August 2006.

Despite this latest delay, Phantom Entertainment is confident of launching its "Lapboard" - a combination of wireless keyboard, laser mouse and hard surface, designed to allow you to play PC games without hunching over a desk - in November.

It's been taking pre-orders on its website for a while, asking US$ 129.95 for the Lapboard, which works with both PCs and Macs, and offering anybody who orders early a US$ 30 discount.

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