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Wartime Command in trouble

As Codemasters dumps it.

It's official - Codemasters is no longer set to publish Wartime Command, the PC real-time strategy title from Russian developer 1C Company.

In an email to the Wartime Command community yesterday, Codemasters wrote: "It's been a long and bumpy ride both developing and supporting this title.

"There have been some issues during the design and implementation of the ideas for the game that both 1C and Codemasters have wanted.

"Unfortunately delays to the launch were inevitable, and it is with great regreat that Codemasters have decided not to proceed with this title."

But that doesn't mean WC will never see the light of day, necessarily - it's still in development at 1C, and Codemasters advises fans to "keep an eye on their site for any updates."

And it doesn't mean Codemasters is abandoning the strategy genre, either. "[We] are looking into other strategy titles in the meantime and endeavour to bring some very interesting ideas to the forefront... More news on that in the upcoming months." We look forward to it...

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