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Doom movie backing away

Seems fitting.

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The Doom movie's own UAC, Universal Pictures, has revealed that the game's silver screen adaptation will make its cinematic debut on October 21st in the US.

The news comes courtesy of a pop-up (rather appropriately, given the nature of "BOO! III") on the UP website, ruling out previous June 24 and August 5 estimates.

The movie's journey to cinemas has been pretty broken up already, with several false starts, and fans have yet to slap eyes on any form of trailer - with only the hyperbolic outpourings of The Rock, one of the cast members, to go on.

Apparently he's going to play Sarge. Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike are also mooted to appear - the former in a central role - under Andrzej Bartkowiak's direction, working from a Dave Callaham script.

According to reports - and mainly IMDB - the film will see a special forces unit answering a distress call from a science lab on the planet Olduvai, only to discover that mutants are killing off the population.

Also, it will have the BFG in it. Although there's no word on the Soul Cube or any other potentially fun stuff.

Finally, in an interesting touch, it looks like some of the characters are named after members of staff at developer id Software, with Robert Russel lined up to play a "Dr. Carmack" and a pair of Willits also on the cast list.

What price a cameo from John Romero? We reckon he could play a scientist following a successful stint as Denzil Dexter in The Fast Show.

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