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Level-5 working on new RPG

With some sort of twist.

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Japanese outfit Level-5, currently at work on PS2 sci-fi RPG Rogue Galaxy, is already looking toward its next project - and surprisingly enough it's another RPG.

According to an interview with Japanese website, partially translated by GameSpot, president Akihiro Hino has said the developer is working on a new RPG that strays into a sub-genre; in other words, a strategy- or action-RPG, or something along those lines.

He doesn't offer any more insight into what we can expect, but claims "this will be a really cult game" according to GameSpot's translation.

Platform-wise, it seems logical that Level-5 will stick to the PS2, having already produced two Dark Cloud games and Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King on the Sony platform - although with the PS3's long overdue proper-unveiling in the offing, we wouldn't bet against that possibility either.

Speaking of Dragon Quest, as you'll recall from last week's news, DQVIII is due out over here on April 13th, giving PAL gamers the chance to tuck into Square-Enix's RPG series for the first time - there's even a British voice cast to go with it, which ought to be entertaining.

Its new-boy status also explains the loss of the "VIII"; in order not to confuse people, it'll just be Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King when it pops up over here. Check out our review and interview with creator Yuji Horii for more.

And, er, assuming Level-5 gets round to talking up its latest effort in any detail, expect more on that at some point too.

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