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360 gets Age of Conan

Funcom starts development.

Funcom has started work on an Xbox 360 version of massively multiplayer title Age of Conan - The Hyborian Adventures.

Production's in its infancy at the moment, but the company's still very happy to announce it - pointing out that it's one of just a few massively multiplayer games approved for development on Microsoft's next-gen console.

Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas reckons it'll be a big hit. "The fast-paced and innovative combat system in Age of Conan will suit the demanding console audience perfectly," he claims.

Information about "potential console specific features" as well as a publishing partner and release date will be revealed later, according to the developer.

The PC version of Age of Conan, due out next spring, will be co-published by Eidos, and is considered a "showcase title" for Microsoft's new Vista operating system.