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Reggie says 'bring it'

Well, close enough.

Nintendo's next generation competition may not be all that bothered about the Wii (UK Xbox boss Neil Thompson last week called it "a kid's toy"), but Reggie Fils-Aime reckons they will be proved wrong.

Speaking to The Seattle Times as part of a profile piece, Nintendo of America's charismatic front man insisted: "They will see our results, and they'll see how much of a challenge and dogfight this new era of gaming will be."

Nintendo will be aiming to set that challenge and dogfight in motion this coming Sunday, 19th November, when the Wii launches in the USA - with Japanese and European launches following in the three weeks that follow.

If it does make a big impact, the suggestion is that it will owe something to Fils-Aime's work since he joined from VH1, with even the competition paying tribute.

"It was so out of left field and it was even a little cheesy, but it was so unusual for a Nintendo executive," says Microsoft's Peter Moore in the same piece, reflecting on Fils-Aime's 2004 debut with his speech at Nintendo's E3 press conference.

"I think he's exactly what at that time Nintendo of America needed."

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