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20 launch titles for 360

So says man in know.

Munetatsu Matsui - editor-in-chief of Famitsu Xbox, well known for its close connections to Microsoft's Japanese operation - has stated that a grand total of 20 launch titles are lined up for the Xbox 360's November debut.

That's rather more than we've been expecting, frankly, and rather a lot for a publisher planning to launch a new console in three different territories on the same day, you might think...

We contacted Microsoft to ask if Munetatsu's estimate was correct, and a representative told us: "We're not discussing day one titles at this time."

However, the representative did confirm that, "Between 25 and 40 titles will be available for Xbox 360 during launch period." That means from the time the console launches in November until the end of the year, apparently.

In odder news, Munetatsu has also suggested that the Xbox 360 will feature some kind of crazy hidden functions which won't be unveiled until a year after launch, when you'll be able to download an Xbox Live update to access them.

Well now. Microsoft declined to comment, but we'll be keeping a close eye on this one...

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