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Could be Gotham 3. Could be a hint at the Xbox name. Could be anything...

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

The ourcolony saga continues with the release of a new teaser image on the site.

It's a close-up of a shiny red Ferrari 360 Modena, and the first link here is Project Gotham Racing - a shiny red Ferrari F50 was depicted on the cover of the first game, and a shiny red Ferrari Enzo appeared on the second. Microsoft has already confirmed that Project Gotham Racing 3 is currently in development for the next-gen Xbox.

So is this in fact a close-up of the PGR3 cover? Or, as some reports have suggested, an actual screenshot from the game?

Or perhaps the PGR connection is just a red herring, as it were, and the clue is in the name - could be it's confirmation that Microsoft's new baby will indeed be called "Xbox 360".

Of course, they might be being extra-specially clever by dropping two hints at once. One thing's for sure: if that really is an in-game shot, it'll take a while for us to pick our jaws up...

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