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Ubi announces new titles

For PSP and Xbox 360.

Ubisoft's latest financial report has revealed some of the new titles we can expect from the publisher next year - including an instalment in the Brothers in Arms for PSP.

They're also hard at work on a PSP version of 187 Ride or Die, titled Street Riders, and Splinter Cell Essentials, which will mark Sam Fisher's debut on Sony's handheld.

Like the GameCube, PS2, PC and Xbox versions of Splinter Cell 4, it's due out in the first quarter of the year. It seems that Xbox 360 owning SC fans will have to wait a while longer, though, since that particular version isn't mentioned.

Ubi is clearly committed to the platform, however, with two more titles in the pipeline - Blazing Angels, which was previously announced for Xbox, and another as yet unnamed game.

For those who care about this sort of thing, Ubi is doing very well financially, thank you. Profits were up 5.2 per cent and sales rose by 19 per cent, and CEO Yves Guillemot is having a turkey the size of a house this Christmas. Probably.