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Give birth to a handheld!

Well, a name to GPX2, anyway.

Gamepark Holdings, the company behind the new, homebrew-heavy GPX2 multimedia handheld (which we haven't reported on previously, if memory serves, but which looks brilliant), is offering you a rather unique opportunity – to name its machine.

Although it currently has a codename which ties to its predecessor, the GP32, Gamepark has offered the public a chance to give the system a full product title for when it launches this October, with the winner walking away with a free GPX2 (or whatever it'll be named at that point). There are a few provisos to follow, namely that your idea should be longer than three letters and that there must be a reason behind it. It also helps if you provide an email address for contacting, should you win. You can attach a logo in .gif or .jpg format if you so wish, too.

The official site is the place to be, for sending off entries, but the contest closes on August 15th, so get to it and become a part of gaming history. Or at least get something to brag to your hardcore-gaming friends about.