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Sega considers further EyeToy titles

Hardly surprising, but good news all the same for anybody weighing up the prospect of buying into the webcam craze.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Although we only currently know of one Sega EyeToy game in production - the encouragingly game-like SuperStars - representatives admitted to Eurogamer recently that the company could decide to continue developing for the breakout peripheral.

Discussing the possibility of adding other Sega franchises to SuperStars (Virtua Cop, for example), a spokesperson told us SuperStars "won't necessarily be the only Sega EyeToy game." When pressed on that, we were told, "I guess it depends on how many games they've got to put in."

It's hardly a promise, but the fact that Sega doesn't necessarily view SuperStars as a one-off is bound to be encouraging news for Sony, whose Groove title failed to elicit the expected response at retail when it launched in Europe late last year.

For more on SuperStars, including a list of the characters featured on the "placeholder" title screen and our considered thoughts on the playable elements of the E3 demo, check out our first impressions piece here.

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