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Shining Force nearing completion

GBA RPG April-bound.

Sega's GBA role-playing game Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon is nearing completion and should be due out in Europe this April, publisher THQ has revealed.

Not to be confused with GBA RPG Shining Soul II, also on THQ's books, Shining Force is the latest in a long-sunning series of RPGs that began on the Mega Drive/Genesis back in 1992, with a plot penned by staff that worked on the original version.

Amongst other improvements the battle system has been developed into something more tactical, which uses a "Unique Card System", although we have no specifics on that bit. Shining Force also features three new characters that have never previously appeared in an SF series game before.

Head here for a selection of new screenshots of the game, which will be released in Europe this April, but refreshingly has no North American date to mention at the moment.

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