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Viva Piñata first downloads

Some hats. 90 points.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Viva Piñata may not be out here until 1st December, but the game's launch in the US has prompted the game's first downloadable content.

Available now (we checked) for 90 Microsoft points, the Viva Piñata accessory pack consists of the Vela Wig and Juno Helmet, which apparently fit most piñata. You'll be able to obtain them from Paper Pets in the village.

If you ask us, this sort of thing is only likely to reawaken the debate about whether day-one downloads that probably could've been bundled on the disc are ethical - but we'll leave that bit up to you.

The comfort, I suppose, is that you can do as Peter Moore suggested and "vote with your A button" rather easily on this one, since the only people who have it are the ones who imported it.

Look out for our review of Viva Piñata very soon, and in the meantime you could always leaf through our first impressions or download the interactive video demo from Marketplace.

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