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PSP demo pod launches in Japan

More toys at Sony's Ginza place.

Sony's taken the first step in its plan to roll out downloadable PSP demos nationwide in Japan, introducing the first "PlayStation Spot" deployment pod on the sixth floor of its showroom in Tokyo's Ginza district.

Sony typically uses its Ginza building to showcase all of its electronics for the public. You can walk in and pick up everything from PSPs and its new T7 digital cameras to AIBO robotic dogs and incredibly expensive professional video cameras. All the laptops are out to play too, and the big-screen TVs. So it's no surprise to see the PlayStation Spot getting its first installation here.

Judging by the pics, it's basically the same model that was stationed (ha) just off the Sony stand at the Tokyo Game Show, and continually swamped by quiet Japanese people who didn't seem anywhere near as pissed off as we were that it was being completely hammered and failing to give up any software.

PlayStation Spot. Probably yesterday and all.

When it does work, anyway, it should allow fans to download demos of Byte Hell 2000, Loco Roco, MegaMan, Ape Academy 2 and Portable Resort. They don't remain on the Memory Stick after downloading, sadly, but there's no limit on how many people can try out in a row.

For more pictures of the PlayStation Spot in action in Ginza, head to Game Watch, or check out the Sony Japan website.

Any plans for Europe? "We have lots of new and exciting content for the PlayStation Portable in the upcoming future and will continue to look at new ways of extending sampling and gamesharing opportunities for games, movies and music for the handheld. It's having great success in Japan so we will keep you up to date for Europe," is what Sony said the other day.

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