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Did you win?

Conker and GT4 Guide edition.

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Sometimes on Eurogamer, we run competitions. Most times on Eurogamer, muggins here forgets to tell you all who won, even though we send out the prizes following a few excitable emails back and forth. The problem's quite possibly genetic - Dad never said why the bank gave us all that money in the novelty brown sack either.

Anyway, someone's kicked us hard enough this time that we've remembered, so it's time to tell you all who won a couple of recent competitions. The first was for one of five really rather smashing Gran Turismo 4 Official Guides courtesy of Piggyback who, lest we haven't drummed it home enough, make some of the nicest game-related books we've seen in years.

A guide will soon be winging its way to each of the following people: Dominc Sheard, Alan Langford, Chris Moore, Toby Galbraith, and Joanne Lush. Just as soon as we've got their addresses anyway. And yes, we're surprised that Joanne Lush is a real name too.

Next up, our competitions to give away one of three copies of Conker Live & Reloaded on Xbox, along with a rather fetching Conker furry toy. The three lucky winners there were none other than Robert Taylor, Ben Ellis and a chap called Benjamin Henford. All three of those will be sent out just as soon as we've bought some stamps. Lots of stamps.

Cheers! The winners of our LCD monitor competition will be announced next month, since it's a long-runner, and that ought to bring us up to date.

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