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Eternal Darkness sequels?

That was the plan, says Dyack.

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Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack says the company "absolutely" has sequels planned for GameCube title Eternal Darkness.

In a blog update about the process of "creating universes", Dyack begins provocatively: "I am most often asked if we have sequels in mind for Eternal Darkness. The answer is absolutely yes."

That's because Eternal Darkness was "just one story we had in mind for the Eternal Darkness universe". Apparently "there are even more manipulations, great ancients, and numerous other stories to tell".

Sadly we don't know when we're going to hear them, though, because Dyack immediately segues into what he actually wants to talk about - the relevance of this approach to the Too Human Xbox 360 trilogy.

"We believe that an important part of making a trilogy successful is that each of its parts is self contained. Because we want each game to be a complete experience on its own, the major plot lines will be resolved at the end of each game."

So don't hold your breath, ED fans - and certainly don't expect more GameCube instalments, obviously - but there's still hope. Unless of course this is one of those times when Eternal Darkness tricks you into thinking something's happening when it's not, in which case we're off to inventorise our memory card before something bad happens.

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