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Gathering officially unveils H&D2 expansion

Sabre Squadron to feature co-operative multiplay, nine new missions and lots of new kit. One (count 'em) screenshot inside.

Hidden & Dangerous 2 fans will be pleased to hear that Sabre Squadron, the nine-mission expansion disk trailed ever so briefly in Take-Two's E3 press pack, is on course for release this autumn and will feature co-operative online options.

Sabre Squadron is being developed by H&D 1/2 developer Illusion Softworks, and along with nine single-player missions set in four new locations, Illusion is planning to include three new deathmatch, three new 'occupation' and two new 'objective' multiplayer maps - each supporting up to 32 players.

Obviously we can also expect to see improved AI (we see it when we close our eyes at night), and a host of new weapons to boot - including, we're told, the German Panzershreck, SAS flare gun, German G43 rifle and PAK40 cannon.

Expect to hear more about Sabre Squadron in the coming months.

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