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Reservoir Dogs dated

We're all ears.

Eidos has penned in an August release date for its Tarantino tie-in Reservoir Dogs, offering a few snippets of info about how the game will play out.

Based on the cult 1992 movie, the game will allow you to experience key events from the film as experienced by individual members of the six-strong criminal gang.

To add that little something extra, developers Volatile have also included a number of additional scenes and events only hinted at, or left to the audience's imagination in the film, giving answers to questions such as whether or not Mr Pink survived, how the gang escaped the police at the scene of the diamond heist, and where Mr Pink stashed the stolen diamonds.

Because the plot unravels over key events and switches to different scenes with different characters, things aren't necessarily in chronological order - this isn't 24. It could be quite an interesting way of re-living the classic film moments, but we'll have to see how it pans out nearer the time.

Features touted in the announcement include high-speed chase and evade scenes, a Threat System involving hostage taking and non lethal civilian control, some sort of special moves linked to control of your character's adrenaline levels, and a Psycho/Professional rating system that monitors your gameplay style and ranks you according to various moral choices.

Oh, and grizzly old actor Michael Madsen will be providing his likeness and voice-acting talents for the role of Mr Blonde. Thanks Michael.

Reservoir Dogs will be released this August on Xbox, PC and PS2.