Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs

Stuck in the middle with you.

Just to quickly answer the first question everyone wants to know about this game; yes, you do get to play as Mr Blonde and slice people's ears off with a straight razor. Still, as any real fan of the movie knows, there was so much more to Reservoir Dogs than that brutally iconic scene and the good news is the video game version knows it too. How well it uses that knowledge is another matter.

Reservoir Dogs heralded a revolution in contemporary cinema that saw the previously marginalised indie scene start barking at the big boys, with tiny budget wonders suddenly chasing the tails of Hollywood blockbusters. Former video store clerk Quentin Tarantino's directorial debut might have been a mish-mash of his own geeky adoration of obscure gangster movies and Hong Kong action flicks (Ringo Lam's City on Fire being a major inspiration) but it was still an audacious, hugely influential slice of cinematic nirvana, laden with eminently quotable dialogue and a soundtrack to die horribly for. Above everything else though, it was cool.

Some 14 years later, with all the pace of a limping greyhound, the games industry has finally caught up with the Tarantino craze and Eidos has released an officially licensed tie-in to the movie - though I guess it doesn't beat EA's 42-year record with From Russia with Love. Understandably, gamers burned by previous lacklustre licences have raised a concerned eyebrow at such apparently blatant cash cow milking (did anyone even play Vivendi's misguided jab at Fight Club?). When it comes to movie-based games, you simply have to.

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Reservoir Dogs Xbox recalled

Due to printing error. Oops.

Eidos has confirmed to Eurogamer that the Xbox version of movie tie-in Reservoir Dogs has been removed from shop shelves following a muckup down the printers'.

Police slam Reservoir Dogs

For featuring too much violence.

The UK's Association of Chief Police Officers has slammed Eidos's forthcoming Reservoir Dogs game for glorifying violence against police.

Reservoir Dogs ban explained

By Australia's ratings board.

Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification has released a statement explaining why forthcoming movie tie-in Reservoir Dogs has been refused a rating - and thereby banned from sale.

Australia bans Reservoir Dogs

Just too violent, apparently.

Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification has refused to grant movie tie-in Reservoir Dogs a rating - which means it won't go on sale down under.

Reservoir Dogs dated

We're all ears.

Eidos has penned in an August release date for its Tarantino tie-in Reservoir Dogs, offering a few snippets of info about how the game will play out.