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Australia bans Reservoir Dogs

Just too violent, apparently.

Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification has refused to grant movie tie-in Reservoir Dogs a rating - which means it won't go on sale down under.

The OFLC has yet to issue an official statement, but it seems highly likely that the game has been refused a rating due to violent content. Atari, which was to distribute the game in Australia, will not be resubmitting an edited version for reclassificiation - with a representative telling tech website APCstart: "That's the end of the matter."

It's by no means the first time that Australia has taken such a tough stance; Leisure Suit Larry, NARC, Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto III were all banned. As was Marc Ecko's Getting Up, which the OFLC said could promote the crime of graffiti.

Some Australian gamers, understandably, aren't too happy with the way the OFLC rates games. There's no 18 rating - so if a game exceeds the guidelines set down for the "MA15+" rating, it won't make it to the shops.

Reservoir Dogs, based around the 1992 Quentin Tarantino film, is due to be published in Europe this autumn. Available for PC, PS2 and Xbox, it'll explore additional plotlines, such as the whereabouts of Mr Blue and Mr Brown and the further adventures of Mr Pink.

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Reservoir Dogs

PS2, Xbox, PC

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