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Duck Hunt coming to Wii

And playable at E3, apparently.

Time for another snippet from our old friend Internet Reports, for whom E3 is like a thousand Christmases rolled into one.

The latest rumour concerns a new next-gen title that's based on one of the NES's best remembered classics - Duck Hunt.

As everyone over the age of 20 will recall, Duck Hunt came with a light gun that let you shoot birdies on the screen. That might sound a bit rubbish to you youngsters, but it was cutting-edge in those days, and didn't half take our minds off the permanent impending threat of global nuclear holocaust.

Now, it seems, a new version of Duck Hunt is in development for the Nintendo Wii. Which sounds plausible, since the Wii's remote controller is clearly ideally suited to shooting things at your telly.

Internet Reports says it'll be playable on the E3 show floor - and if it is, you know where we'll be. Well, those of us who are already over there, obviously. The rest of us won't be flying to America just for Duck Hunt. Sadly.

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